I have been creating several aquarium tanks during the past year, but I’m considering this as my first real aquascape. It is still a work in progress but I believe it will turn out to be something in the next few weeks

The scape is created as a middle island using dragon stone, with the part behind the dragon stone filled with aqua soil while the front part is black gravel, I placed most of the plants behind the dragon stone, while only a few were added at the front section

Currently, I’m facing the new tank syndrome with some green spot algae as well as hair algae, I started to fight the algae manually but I’m planning to add CO2 which I believe should help to have healthy plants and accordingly get rid of the algae, I started dosing as well using liquid fertilizers but I’m going to reduce the dose a bit so that I don’t give the algae what they are feeding on, I’m also reducing the light and once I add the CO2 I will return back to increase the liquid fertilizers and the light

What do you think about this aquascape?
And do you think my plan to fight the algae should work?
And which fish do you suggest for this tank?

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